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Physics Puzzle Game Maker - Sploder

More Make A 2D 2-Player Platformer Game With Unity 4.3. January 23. How to use the new Physics 2D components; Connect animation states in Mecanim; Gamefroot game creator social and mobile gaming. Login Menu Skip to content. Make; Play; Community; Education; Blog; Help; Make Games. Play Games. There has never. and the number one game development platform. Unity gives you everything you need to realize your creative vision fast, and move ahead.

Why Using A Physics Engine For A 2D Platformer Is A ...

More Making a polished 2D game with the Unity game engine is remarkably easy. Import sprites, populate your scenes, add physics or animate with our in-editor tools. any sort of visual editing or compositing of game assets, or a physics engine. thermoplastics edited the Pro Multi-platform in RPG Maker. 5 hours ago. We use Game Maker Studios inbuilt physics system to create and. Advanced Platformer. an advanced extensible platformer engine with.

My Platformer Engine (Ropes + Water) : gamemaker

More Add realistic physics effects to your games in a few easy clicks. easy and advanced game engine ends right now when you download. Scirra Ltd, Studio 117. The Platformer Starter Kit is a near. Simple physics modeling (falling. Starter Kit and offers recommendations for making basic modifications to the Platformer. Platformer Creator; Physics Creator; Graphics Editor; Classic Creator; 3d Adventure Creator; Platformer Game Maker. Make your own platformer game with this game maker.


great work, i would really loving it to play around with it but unfortunately i cant find it, the link seems not working for me... can you help me pls?

LAMYRAL oh I didnt know :O But luckily you can also download it from this site: http:gamejolt.comgamesstafffsplatformengine28066 :)

Also my character walks along the floor but the sprite is half way through. Is there a mask I have to edit though it says the mask on the Player object is the same as sprite?

its perfect am impressed on how did you make him move without any glitch in the mountain lol what39s your secret?

yoyoyoshio267of course you can use it, thats why I created it :D It should work with 16:9 as well and 60fps should also be no problem. If you have any more questions please contact me via email, thanx B)

Thanks for this GREAT job You obviously put alot of work into it I39m running into an issue where the player will just teleport right or left and then usually die.

yes theres a manual rectangle bbox, which has to be set. And pay attention for, that every sprite of your character has the same bounding box, but the sprite for ducking logically has to be a bit lower (the top side has to be further down).

For water you would have your players sprite change, lower the gravity a bit, and then let your player have unlimited jumps i it.

sry I dont know what quotMariquot means... and by the way: This is no game, it is an engine and the sprites of Mario are only used, because it is not necessary to give an engine a good design )

Thanks Nice to hear this. The thing is just, I have other projects, and so not enough time to help you , sorry.. If you go through the scripts and find out which objects make use of them, I think youll find everything you need

From the looks of things, it performs alot like the platforming engine that I39m working on, although there doesn39t seem to be support for Super Mario Galaxy-esque gravity-changing mechanics or wall jumping. On the other hand, I39ve yet to add in support for water, conveyer belts, slippery ice, and climbable ladders to my platforming engine, although these should be well within my programming abilities, although it would probably take me a few days to do. (In case you39re wondering, I39m currently working on a multipurpose platforming engine that could be used for all sorts of projects, from simple games like Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania for the NES, to more complex games like Kirby, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Smash Bros., to 2.5D-esque games like Donkey Kong Country Returns and LittleBigPlanet.)

I tried to put a link into my answer, but as youtube isnt the best, it forbids it gt:(So, you can go onto yoyogames and search for quotstafffquot then you can brwose my games and find quotplatformEnginequot

hey im having some troubles optimizing the engine to run in 60fps i cant quite get the movement speeds to work well with the higher frame rate and the controls are very twitchy as a result if you could give me a hand with the code that39d be awesome

i have a few questionsfirstly, can i use this engine for my game? i do intend to sell my game using this engine, i will give you credit tho and i will be editing the engine heavilysecondly, does the engine run at 60fps and would it be an easy fix to put it into 16:9?

you have to look at the creation code of the room you want to start in. There the variable quotglobal.roomGravityquot has to be set. If you set it to quot0quot , the gravity will be like in my video, if you make it bigger, the gravity will make the player fall down faster, if you make it negative, the player will fall slower.

ERROR inaction number 1of Draw Eventfor object oPlayer:In script scrInAir:Error in code at line 8: gravmassglobal.roomGravity at position 23: Unknown variable roomGravityPlease help

Great Game engine Alot of People think that gamemaker is just a really bad game maker but they are wrong the things you can make with gamemaker are epic You should get a microphone and start making Tutorials

Hello Steven This is an amazing looking game however I think if you still edit the game you should make a collision with all sides of the moving platforms rather than just the top. I39m not hating its just constructive criticism.All the Best bro

You should make tutorials for that. AND of course for enemies. Because that39s kind of the biggest problem I have so far.

Habs gefunden, danke mein Lieber Sehr schner Editor, hab schon einiges hinzugefgt, Gegner, schiessen usw. Werde mich dann bald mal an die ersten Games wagen, nachdem ich eine noch Controllersteuerung hinzugefgt habe und die bei mir vorhandenen Soundprobleme (nicht alle Wav-Dateien funktionieren...) behoben habe. Dann werden die Probleme wahrscheinlich auftreten, an die ich jetzt noch gar nicht denke DAber vielen Dank fr die schnelle Antwort. Bist ein sehr Guter

Dont take this personal, are you new to game maker? Else this question would wonder me. You find the creation code as follows: Open the project, open the folder quotRoomsquot double click on your room, click on the tab quotsettingsquot of the now openend window of the room. There youll find a button called quotCreation codequot

THANK YOU This engine is exactly what I needed. Would you mind putting together a user manual to explain how to change things? for example, I39m trying to make it so that the shifter gives the character the same horizontal speed as running, thus he would not be able to traverse a shifter moving in the opposite direction without a powerup. Again thank you for making such an amazing engine

MrSimplyChaos Game maker simply requires more skill than people would expect.It39s good first software for actually programming.