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By Martin Brinkmann on April 4, 2015 in Software - Last Update: April 5, 2015 161Show me the programs that you run on your computer and I tell you who you are. While it may not be that easy all the time, it is fair to say that programs can tell you a lot about the user. For instance, programs can reveal if a user is a webmaster or developer, privacy or security conscious, or interested in entertainment more than anything else. The favorite programs, applications that you cannot live without and use regularly, may reveal the most about you. The following list reveals my top 5 Windows programs. I have limited the list of programs to those that I use actively which means that security software such as EMET or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware are not on that list.

Lets start Mozilla FirefoxFirefox has been my main browser for god knows how long. It is the best when it comes to customization options and control, and while I find some recent developments strange, for instance integration of social APIs directly in the browser, it gives me control to disable those if I dont want to use them. Mozilla is in an underdog role currently being crushed by Google and the companys Chrome browser and Microsofts Internet Explorer which ships with every version of Windows.

The biggest challenge that Firefox faces is not that though but internal decisions that alienate part of the browsers user and developer base, for instance by making changes to the add-on system that break certain extensions and make developers abandon their extensions. Firefox has the best add-on system in my humble opinion as it allows developers to do more with it. I do prefer Mozillas stance on privacy more than that of the advertising company Google. Mozilla ThunderbirdThunderbird is the main email client that I use on the desktop. While I have online accounts, I prefer my data to be locally available at all time and Thunderbird ensures that. I never warmed to the idea of managing all my email reading and writing online, or keeping all my emails stored on some remote server.

While Thunderbird has not changed much in recent time, it is still one of the best email clients you can get for desktop systems. Probably the only issue is that you cannot sync it to mobile devices as there is no mobile version available of it. Thunderbird supports add-ons and while it is not getting as much love as Firefox from developers, add-ons improve its functionality in many ways. QuiteRSSAs is the case with email, I prefer my RSS reader to be local. I have switched readers regularly in the past but for the past one or two years, have used QuiteRSS exclusively for all my RSS reading needs.

RSS helps me keep up to date with a variety of topics without having to visit the 100+ websites that Im subscribed to regularly for that. QuiteRSS offers an impressive set of features that goes well beyond core RSS features. It supports labels and news filters, search and different layouts to read feeds in different ways. SnagIt 10SnagIt 10 is not the most recent version of the screenshot taking tool but it offers everything that I require of a program of its kind.

It is not a free program either and actually one of the few commercial programs that I use on my system. I dont think it is available anymore as Techsmith released several program updates in the meantime for it. Those updates did not add features that I require on the other hand which is why I still use it. I create all screenshots here on Ghacks with the software.

Besides screenshot taking, it is also shipping with an editor that allows me to manipulate the screenshot, for instance by adding annotations or blurring parts of it. KeePassAs with all of my data, I prefer my passwords to be stored on my local system and not on third-party servers in the cloud. Yes, solutions offered by companies such as LastPass have their advantages such as easier syncing to supported devices but I prefer to be in full control of important data at all time. KeePass has been the solution for me for years. It is a local solution that you run on your computer and devices. While designed for Windows initially, browser extensions and ports for other systems are available which should cover the majority of use cases.

While you can install extensions to improve the password managers integration in web browsers, you can alternatively use its g lobal hotkey instead as well. Now You: What are your five top programs that you cannot dont want to live without? About Martin Brinkmann Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.You can follow Martin on Facebook, Twitter or Google+My brain algorithmWhich means all your passwords suck, because the human brain is horrible at doing true random. And good luck memorizing 100+ totally randomized, totally unique passwords set.

But Im sure youre just a superior human being. Well you can use Keepass, but dont come crying when all your passwords get stolen one day when one of the devs goes rogue. While I dont agree with Manish on Chrome/email (Firefox is better than Chrome IMO) and Thunderbird is very nice, I dont use RSS feeds any more, and I certainly dont trust anything aside from my own brain for keeping passwords. Well, being one who may or may not use the brain algorithm method myself, =) , what is perfectly clear to me is that my passwords are EXTREMELY strong, however, the first time someone discovers one of your passwords, all of the rest are soon to be unlocked depending on the skill & resources available to your opponent. ObviousBenefit: Efficient & Portable. PrimeDrawback: Once broken, all of your accounts are vulnerable according to the measure of spontaneous cranial cryptography afforded by your applied cognitive fortitude at a given time.

PrimeBenefit: If you have 100 accounts & 100 trusted delegates/employees & if they all know the algorithm, within a minute or so of 1,000 fingers to key you can modify your algorithm for all of your accounts faster than BlackHatMcGullicutty can raid your situation. Except that by saying this outloud, BHM can easily gain advantage on you in such a race. =D This would require a high number of stars in the leadership & coaching skills dept, granted. Thats just my thinking, presently. - CoachMartin is obviously the tried and tested type of guy, not that there is anything at all wrong with that, especially if its your work machine. Bit old school for me though :)My home computer is essentially a consumption device therefore my mainstays are:FeedlyPlexMusicBeeLastPassSteamOf course I use dozens of other programs but they either come and go or I use them rarely.

Oops this was supposed to be a standalone post not a reply. Browserwise I am not happy. Neither Chrome nor Firefox can really replace Opera 12.

Opera also served as my mailclient since I really like to have ONE inbox, ONE sent folder ... I love keepass. Screenshots are made with Shotty which is not that feature rich but okay for my purposes. Musicbee but mainly using it for my radio streamsSyncback Propdfsamfeedly is okay for me since I also read feed on my phoneFor a browser, Im still stuck with Opera 12 just like so many others who understoods how good it actually is (even its already bit outdated). For mail, Im moved completely to web based which I access with my desktop and mobile. Thats how Im not stuck with mail client which isnt with me where ever I go.

Same thing with RSS, Inoreader is my definite choise afrer Google Reader went down (shame on you, Google). Inoreader is like Google Reader pimped heavily, in very good/positive way. Screenshots are made mostly with ShareX novadays.

Even good old Screenshot Captor I used alot, feels bit clumbsy compared to ShareX. And for passwords... yes, I agree, KeePass is the best choise you can have. Tried many other solutions only to come back to KeePass.

One thing Im stuck with, is xplorer2 filebrowser. Been using it so long, cant live without, even it have still some stupid things by design... well, Im used to those and I can live with it.

Of course I tried 10+ others but for some strange reason, xplorer2 is still something I really enjoy using day by day. One app Im using 24/7 and I really cant live without: Putty. My world would collapse it that util disappears one day. Its just something I cant stop using. There are still plenty of other _mandatory_ tools I use all the time but listing all of them here is pretty pointless.

We all have such list and thats the great thing: something for everyone. World is pretty boring place if we couldnt have a choise of tools we use to survive daily... :)Heres my list of most used programs, with comments:1. Firefox - though I am finding more things to hate and complain about it every month, the add-on system and mostly good customizability keeps me using it. For the record, this is with almost all the visual customizations done with Classic Theme Restorer.

2. foobar2000 - It can do so much out of the box, and so much more with just a few added components, that it pretty much replaces every other music player in terms of functionality. 3. Notepad++ - A reasonably powerful text editor. I dont think I even know all of its features yet.

There are certainly better tools around for programmers and developers, but I dont use the computer heavily enough for programming for it to make a difference. 4. Process Explorer - The information available from this is way better than the default Task Manager, that I can reasonably use it to manage PC resource usage. 5. ???

- I would guess one of the following categories: a media player (VLC/Irfanview), archive opener (7-zip), document viewer (Adobe Reader?), but I dont use any of these enough to justify them taking a spot in this list. I dont know how anomalous this is, but I prefer my online operations to be done in the browser, and offline operations to be done with desktop programs. This means no desktop email or RSS clients (There are, however, good reasons to have online/cloud-based media players, and in this sense Im quite technologically backward.)Mine:- GNS3, IUO VM, VirtualBox, System Center 2012 R2, Hyper-V- Firefox, Palemoon, Chrome, Opera + Privoxy + HandyCache + catalyst-proxy + dispatch-proxy + ProxHTTPSProxy + AdvOr + Bitvise- DNSCrypt + Local DNS- PDF XChange Viewer/Editor- HFS File Server, Web Server- SandboxieThe ones that I really use every day: Nirsofts NirCmd (to run various scripts, like on boot) Pale Moon + SRWare Iron (browsers) Proxomitron (ancient but still very effective web filtering proxy) FlashPaste (ancient quick-copy util that still does it for me) Thunderbird (email) Editpad Pro (text editor, paid version) Xplorer2 Professional (dual-pane file manager, paid version) Everything (local search) MS Solitaire (yes, I know....)Other ones that I use very often: XnView (image viewer) + Paint.NET (image editor) FastCopy (for pre-programmed quick selective backups) 1by1 (my main music player) TrueCrypt (for all sensitive data - its still OK...)Missing in my case: I just dont like using RSS, so no RSS reader I dont want any kind of dedicated password managerIm a web developer and herere my top 5:1) Cmder - badass console emulator, a lot of customization options(copy paste with selection, fullscreen, themes, toggle with shortcut and many more) - after config Chrome3) PhpStorm4) BitTorrent Sync5) Feed Notifier1 Outlook (work) hard to beat as a one stop shop for email/calendar/tasks2 pDF Xchange PDFs viewer / editor - provides me all necessary functionality3 Firefox (work) / Iceweasel on Debian at home. Add-ons dont matter that much for me .

As I am still on Vista IE9 is too slow and I dislike Chrome for same reasons as Martin4 Microsoft Office5 KeepassRegarding local email/rss I think this only works if you use only one device and work from home . otherwise it is very difficult to keep accounts in sync. I have tried a few different mail providers to try to get away from Gmail (,fastmail, iCloud, and looked at but found something not to my taste in each - still looking but may yet simply go back to Gmail which is hard to beat if only the ad/privacy issues could be sorted)1) Firefox - Ive customized it so much over the years that theres just never going to be anything else that can touch it.

Its not exactly what I want it to be, it never really is I suppose (we humans, never happy...) but its better overall than anything else out there, always has been, for me. 2) WinRAR - got it for free a few years ago (using the TrialPay offer, anyone can) and it is just too relevant to pass up. Some folks prefer 7zip because of its free nature but, WinRAR does all that and more in my opinion and, well, I just said I got it free so, you figure it out. :)3) Paint Shop Pro 7.04 - yes, its old now (almost a decade, actually) but for down and dirty very fast and efficient image editing of most any kind that I need to do, thats the app to do it.

Loads in the blink of an eye (far cry from what a bloated monstrosity its become since Corel bought out Jasc years ago) but it works for me and Im still happy with the purchase. 4) Notepad++ - definitely a fantastic tool to have around and obviously one damned fine Notepad replacement, it does everything I require such an app to do and thats all that matters. 5a) MPC- HC aka Media Player Classic Home Cinema edition - my absolute go-to video player that plays everything, is very tiny and efficient, has tons of features and options, and leaves the competition in the dust in my opinion. 5b) foobar2000 - my absolute go-to music player that plays everything, etc, same concept as MPC-HC but for audio only. Ive got it configured out very well with a bunch of extremely handy plugins so its just indispensable to me for such purposes. Theres a bunch of others I suppose, stuff like UltraISO, Newsbin Pro, SABnzbd, Nero 8 Lite (newer versions offer absolutely new over this one for basic burning purposes), ImgBurn, CmdOpenInstall, HashCheck/Hashtab, Recuva/R-Studio/ZAR/TestDisk, and many many others.

1. Firefox2. Gmail - because when I must restore to a backup I dont lose material. 3. Macrium Reflect - saved my caboose untold number of times. 4.

Sandboxie - man am I lucky. I bought the old lifetime subscription for up to 3 devices 5.

Glary - lots of utility functions, e. g., search as good as Search Everywhere, secure file wiping, uninstall to name a few. 6. Axcrypt - I know, top 5, right?

Not able to omit this one. Free and I like how it works. These programs make computing far more enjoyable than struggling along without them:1.

Everything (Search)2. XnView (Pictures)3. AutoHotKey (Macros)4. Foobar2000 (Music)5.

PN2 (Notepad)It goes without saying that Firefox makes the world go round. Opera for browser and RSS. Palemoon for page incompatible with old Opera (this has become increasingly common sadly)Launchy for launching my portable softwares which dont need reinstallation if anything happen or if I need to move it to another account. Notepad++And other not so important but crucial softwares, so I guess these are all of them for now. 1.

Rainmeter 7+ Taskbar tweaker QTTabBar apps (Firefox, Everything, VLC)5.

F.lux OutlookI used hosted Exchange for 3 email accounts, calendar, task list, RSS manager2. RoboformI administer many servers and workstations and could not get by without a cloud-synched password manager3. SnagItI teach computer classes and markup many screenshots for handouts4. VisioNetwork diagrams, before/after system upgrades, are an essential communication vehicle in my work5. QuickBooks and QuickenPersonal and professional bookkeepers, billing, taxes1.

Firefox (using for years, 13 add-ons; 8 of which are for security/insecurity)2. Notepad ++ (using for years)3. Q-Dir (portable; using for years)4. Starry Night Pro (commercial, using for years)5.

Winamp (free, using for years)We all have 5 or even more programs that we use everyday, my 5 programs are always waiting for me to put them to wor. These are my 5 Must Have Programs :1) Firefox2) Desktop Calendar3) Search Everything4) CintaNotes5) Q-Dir & NexusImage ..... I had to include an extra, so its 6 Must Have Programs. If you dont have any of my favorites just give them a try and enjoy...... Firefox, Thunderbird, 7-zip, Media Player Classic, foobar2000, KeePass, Notepad2, RSSOwl, Sysinternals and NirSoft tools - no explanation requiredJPEGView - years ago Ive started with ACDSee, went through XnView, next Imagine and now JPEGView - its the quickest thing I know to quickly view images.

Hamachi - since Im using 3 computers in 3 different places I need this to access them remotely. I like it, because it allows me to do anything I could do in a LAN. The downside is its not always reliable and support is terrible, but at 29 yearly I can live with it.

The only alternative I know - NeoRouter Mesh is 150/year. KeeNote - I cant live without taking notes and this one does the job OK. Ive tested dozens of replacements, but without the ability to import my keynote files there are useless. GoldenDict - a very good dictionary front-end with pop-up translations (used Lingoes but updates were rare and I would need a commercial license)Have forgotten about Total Commander, not surprising given Im so used to it. The central point for all things Im doing on the computer.

I almost dont care about what MS changes in the Windows UI, because 99% of the time Im managing files and starting applications from TC. Yes the favorite programs can tell you a lot about the user. Ive been a programmer since the 1960s. I used to write in Cobol,

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More There are quite a few free anti-virus/anti-malware software for Windows. However, we picked what we felt are the top six best free anti-virus programs for Windows. SnagIt 10 is not the most recent version of the screenshot taking tool but it offers everything that I require of a program of its kind. It is not a free.


Glary Utilities has many useful feathers. However, the spyware part of this program is useless. Never catches anything. So you may has well not even run that part. But otherwise a very useful tool.

I agree about program updating. I had it update several programs and the versions I got was in Chinese.Lucky I imaged my hard drive before starting this program. After I got through playing with it I imaged back to my hard drive and blew away Glary Utilities.


I heard that GU is so good at cleaning out files and encrypting them that forensic experts weren39t able to recover the files or find them.I don39t know how accurate that claim is, though.

Im late, sorry, but...Do not touch the registery. All the quotjunkquot should be left alone. It could make your system run SLOWER.Just a warning.

Don39t let this program update your programs,it gives you a pup virus called CANDY,,,.Malware bytes finds it and cleans it, Otherwise the rest of Glarys is good,The old Glary39s didn39t have this feature ,,