Roboform for kindle fire hdx . how or can i download explorer for kindle fire hd ...

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The Amazon Kindle Fire HD, as well as Amazons other tablets, are very good buys. The tablets take reading a notch higher, giving you a rather new experience in reading ebooks. The only thing that the tablets come short of, despite being an Android device, is that you can only download and install apps from Amazons Appstore. Although that was the case, owners of the said tablets can now install apps from the Google Play Store, all thanks to the developer community. XDA Developers member stopxwatch has provided a workaround that allows Kindle Fire owners to enjoy the ever-growing number of apps in the Google Play Store. Just a heads-up though, this guide entails adding files to the /system folder.

As of the moment, there is no way one can restore the original system folder so do proceed with extra caution. This guide shows you how to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD. WarningThe instructions in this guide are intended for use with the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes. The information in this guide is provided for instructional and educational purposes only.

There is no guarantee that these instructions will work under your specific and unique circumstances. Use these instructions at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide. Read and understand the whole guide first before actually performing the instructions. RequirementsA rooted Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 with ES File Explorer.

For help, check out our guide on how to root your 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD using an automated root tool. You can download ES File Explorer from the Amazon Appstore. Your tablets USB cableDownload the following to your computer:Google Services Framework (GoogleServicesFramework.apk, 1.34 MB)Vending (Vending.apk, 1.76 MB)Google Play Store (Gplay3.8.17.apk, 5.36 MB)Make sure your tablets battery is charged up to 75% or more to avoid interruptions during the process. Backup all personal data on your tablet to make sure you have a copy of your personal data (e.g., contacts, SMS, MMS, Internet settings, Wi-Fi passwords, and the like) in case the procedure in this guide erases such data.

For backup tips, check our guides on how to sync your data to the cloud and how to create local backups of your mobile data. InstructionsCopy the Google Services Framework, Vending, and the Google Play Store APK files to your tablets internal SD card. On your tablet, launch ES File Explorer. Head on to Settings > Root settings > Root explorer. Enable the Root explorer option and confirm the action when prompted. Tap the Allow button on the pop-up screen to grant root access to ES File Explorer.

Enable Up to Root and Mount File System. After enabling both, close the Settings option and return to the main screen of ES File Explorer. Navigate to where you copied the files mentioned in step 1.

Tap on the GoogleServicesFramework.apk file to install it on your tablet. Once installation is complete, long press on the Vending.apk file and select Copy. Press the Up button located on the top of the screen until you see folders named acct and cache. Look for the / settings/app folder.

Open the folder and paste the Vending.apk file in it. After copying, long press on the Vending.apk file. Click on Properties then click Change. Make the following changes to the file permissions:User: Read, WriteGroup: ReadOther: ReadTap on the Vending.apk file file once again to start installing it.

You will have the Android Market app after the installation. Exit the ES File Explorer and launch the Android Market found on the apps menu. Set up Android Market by providing your Google account details.

Once set up is complete, close the application and go back to ES File Explorer. Navigate to where you copied the Gplay3.8.17.apk file. Tap on the file to start installing it to your tablet. This will upgrade your Android Market to Google Play Store.

You can check out the Google Play Store app on the app menu. With this, you can now download Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and a lot more. Great job

You can now download lots and lots of apps to your 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD through the use of the Google Play Store. If you have tried doing the steps in the guide above, do let us know how the app works for you by leaving your comments below. I followed this process with mixed results. First, the Kindle (running 7.2.1) wasnt recognized by my PC. After fiddling around with the adb_config.ini file, I got that to work, and according to ADB, it was rooted. In fact, if I do adb shell, and then su, itll give me superuser.

But if I go into ES Explorer and do the root option, it fails. It says that it cant run it. I tried the vending.apk and it appeared to install. So did all the apk files. But when I try to run the google play store, it stops working, and in the background, the agree/disagree window pops up.

Any help please? Thanks,ZTried it with my Kindle Fire HD, keep getting the message Cant establish a reliable data connection to the server. My wireless router is 2 feet away. I have no clue as to what the issue is.

any help would be appreciated. Thanks. The instructions worked well with two exceptions. First the /settings/app folder didnt exist, but the /system/app folder did and it looked like it had all the other apps in there, so I went with it. I also got the Cant establish a reliable data connection to the server message, so after about six attempts with that failing, I rebooted the device and tried it again. Went right through.

Google Play store is installed and working beautifully Eventually got it to work. As mentioned in other comments the setting/apps folder doesnt exist.

Use the system/apps folder. I couldnt copy the vending.apk file, turned out I didnt have r/w access to the directory. Changed this in settings for ES. I couldnt establish a conection when registering with google. A reboot sorted this.

It all works rather well. Big thanksim not able to get the root explorer to work correctly i tap the option and i get when su request dialog popup please seject always allo or make system remember your allow choice. do you want to try this feature anyway?

i click yesthen i get a pop up that has sorry test failed feature can not run on this phonePLEASE ASSITi also just want through the steps since it allowed me to select up to root, but the mount file system will not let me check it. I got to step 9 but and cant paste vending.apk it fails when I try to paste to system/app. What is wrongGreat help Couldnt find setting/app folder initially, then something happened (have no idea but i was browsing around in everything, then suddenly there it was way at the bottom of the list.same list with acct and cache. Couldnt log into market place initially, but after rebootdevice updated itself and everything worked fine. Everything worked well, except I am having problems with accessing google play.

It says server error and could not retrieve information. Is it possible that my dogs has been blocked for google play? Or is there some file that I have to delete or restore? Or maybe up address? Does it have to do something with upgrade?

I tried everything, but I am almost giving it upRegards, andreOK guys so if you follow these directions.. for using another forum). It will root. Then you have to manually install the superuser apkby moving it to the internal storage and installing it using ES File Explorer.

Then you will have root. Then do the steps above, but before signing into the gmail account reboot your device. Now youll have the google play store.

Thank you for this. I have managed to install Google play store without rooting (tried and failed a lot) Went ahead and tried install anyway. Installed all three folders off internal storage. After initially failing I deleted vending.apk restarted device and now I have the store

Great, worked fine with Rooted Fire kindle HD 7 Just follow Hurdy Gurdy Additional instructions this make the trick. Thank you. ps. remember to reboot tablet after the Cant establish a reliable data connection to the server message.

Not sure what i did wrong here but followed the steps with no problem, up until running google marketplace (step13) the marketplace never loaded, the screen flashed white for half a second and then back to where i was. I rebooted and tried it again and even deleted it and started from step one again, eventually i skipped the step and jumped to step 15 it installed ok but google play wont load either, same white flash and then nada. worked great. had the same issues with everyone else had with the system/app path and found the fix. if you look into es file explorers settings theres Directory option that has to be changed in order to back out all the way to the device and not just the sd card.

change the directory to default to instead of sdcard and you should be all set I know this is a long time coming but when I go to download the Google Play (third download, from Mediafire) the site says its either been erased or doesnt exist. Is there another download site for this file? Followed directions above on my Kindle Fire HD 7 with Amazon Firmware version 7.4.8. For some reason, Vending.apk would not copy to /system/app. I tried researching the problem for about 6 hours, gave up and tried copying again and it worked this time.

Google Play is running great. Thanks for the directions this used to work back in 2014 and early 2015 but for a while google play just simply dosent work anymore on both are kindles. i reinstalled it and it was same thing, we never updated the kindles and had block updates on both


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ctrus that does not work for me, i did that and NOTHING plays, it says working in bottom corner then nothing

i tried downloading kodi on my kindle, but when I went to click on the application, it said quotparse error, there is a problem parsing the packagequot. Does anyone know what that means??

I don39t see the Fire TV option , what I have to do now ? So all the process is wordless if the option doesn39t come up ? I see some people are having the same problem , is there any way to fix that ?

I39ve followed the tut, but there39s no fire TV, so I click android and it fails to install. also when kodi is loading for first time it doesn39t say isangsde build (sorry for spelling)

Installed but no amazon fire TV option after config, only android iOS etc, tried on other kindle get parse error

I didn39t have it ether , but I clicked the android system option and it worked , when looking for your show episodes , click different ones , eventually you will find one that will play . (Exodus)

if anyone is having problems installing the android system, I had the same problem, my Internet provider is virgin media, so I tried installing it at a friends on a different Internet provider and it worked fine. I have also found that some add ons don39t work when connected to virgin media. Does anyone have any ideas how to overcome this problem.

Thanks so much for the video. I installed Kodi thanks to this but can39t work out how you get the context menu up on the fire tablet. Any idea?

Thanks so much I39ve installed kodi on several devices but this was the easiest thanks to your video

worked like a charm on my 10.1 fire if you download the Google play app store on your kindle you may also download it directly to your tablet which is awesome thanks for the video

Yes, I really did enjoy the video...however, I only had (7) show up and Fire TV a is not one of them...Waring MAC Windows Android iDevices Apple TV Linux are the only choices I have. I have the Kindle Fire 8..Birthday present from last Nov. (2015). I also have a smart TV that I had loaded Kodi onto this Jan. so know some, just not the kindle LOLAny other hints on how-to load kodi onto kindle?

Thank you Downloaded Kodi easily without any problem.. I downloaded the android option.. Didn39t see the Amazon tablet option. No problem it works great. I found some lady on offer up app that was selling fire tablets. Bought em for 40. I bought 2 for the kids and I installed Kodi on both

Installed perfectly but won39t I click add source the window never opens to to type in the add on source, any ideas?

ok please help i did everything you did in my wizard config i was not given the option of amazon tv so my kodi doesnt work