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New Download Links
Updated 4/9/15:This article is out of date; for the latest information with active links, heres how to download and installthe latest version of Windows 8.1 Update for free. Or go here to find out how to downloadWindows 10 Technical Preview. The original story from October 21, 2013 follows below. Windows 8.1 has been released.

If youre using Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is both easy and free. If youre using another operating system (Windows 7, Windows XP, OS X), you can either buy a boxed version (120 for normal, 200 for Windows 8.1 Pro), or opt for one of the free methods listed below. To download and install Windows 8.1 for free, follow the guide below.

How to download Windows 8.1 for freeIf you dont want to wait for October 17 or 18, there are two options for downloading Windows 8.1: You can obtain a copy (and a license key) from a friend/colleague with an MSDN, TechNet, or DreamSpark (student) subscription, or you can download a Windows 8.1 RTM ISO from your favorite file-sharing website (The Pirate Bay, Mega, etc.)While were not going to write a guide on how to obtain Windows 8.1 RTM from non-official sources, we will at least tell you to check the SHA-1 hash of the ISO that you download to make sure that its legitimate. If you hit up the MSDN Subscriber Downloads page, and then click Details under the version that youve obtained from elsewhere, youll find the SHA-1 hash. If you then use File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) on the ISO, the hash should match.

If it doesnt, assume the ISO has been compromised and download another. (But do make sure that youre checking the right SHA-1 hash on the MSDN website; your ISO might be mislabeled). The other easier, and completely legal, option is to download the Windows 8.1 Preview from Microsoft.

Its not as snappy as the final (RTM/GA) build, though, and has quite a few bugs/missing features. Bear in mind that if you go down this road, upgrading to a real version of Windows 8.1 will require a few more steps (discussed in the next section). How to install Windows 8.1 for freeOnce you have the Windows 8.1 ISO on your hard drive, the installation process is painless. Before you begin, you should consider backing up your important files and documents, but its not really necessary. You should also ensure that you have plenty of free hard drive space (20GB+).

If youre already running Windows 8 and you downloaded the RTM ISO from somewhere other than the Windows Store, you can install Windows 8.1 by mounting the downloaded ISO in Explorer by double-clicking it, and then running the installer. If youre on Windows 7, XP, or (bless your soul) Vista, youll need to burn the ISO to a USB thumb drive or DVD, or mount the ISO using a third-party virtual drive tool, like Magic ISO. If you already have Windows 8, and you waited for the official release date, installing Windows 8.1 is as simple as visiting the Windows Store and downloading the free update. In both these cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved. If you upgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview, however, you will lose your installed apps, unless you first run a cversion.ini removal utility. Once youve installed Windows 8.1, you should check out our extensive collection of Windows 8.1 tips and tricks, and be sure to check our Windows 8.1 review and hands-on impressions to ensure that youre making the most of all the new features.

Sebastian Anthony wrote the original version of this article. It has since been updated with new information. start button just takes you the metro ui its not even the real start button that we wanted back. Just another example of MS doing the opposite of the consumers desire.

Oh well looks like i will just have to keep using start8 for my start button. i actually love start 8 i can make my own menu items that go straight to my networked drives i can create my own personal start button and it performs better than the windows 7 start button in my opinion. I downloaded iseepassword for itunes with no success in cracking the password. I had no response or support from Iseepassword they refuse to return my money or reply to any emails when they should honour 30day money back guarantee, people beware before buying I would to see a study or data showing that 50% or more of all Windows 7 users use the start menu heavily as compared to desktop and taskbar icons. Every article I read on Windows 8 has all these people commenting basically saying everyone wants the start menu back. Whats the exact percentage of those polled who said they want it back?

And out of those people I would love to see their detail of just how much theyre actually using itWhy cant you just pin apps to the Taskbar, or press the Window key on your keyboard and start typing the app you want then press enter? It takes 1-2 seconds, no mouse required. Nodding around in the cumbersome old start menu is retarded at the least. You dont even need to use it for Document and Pictures etc, when thats available in the Explorer shortcut which is already pinned to the taskbar. Even faster is the Admin menu (right click bottom left corner), theres never been a faster way to get to those settings. press the Window key on your keyboard and start typing the app you want then press enter?

It takes 1-2 seconds,Because there was this wonderful invention called the Start Menu which replaced typing commands into DOS. Then Windows 8 decided that searching for your programs was better, and made it stupid, and deciding removing the Start Menu was better. And you dont want to pin 20, 30, 40, or 50 or however many programs you might have on the task bar. What youre saying is, you dont want to pin items to start, but you want them pinned to the old start menu, you dont want to type 3 letters and press enter to find/run and app, but you want to fart around clicking start, all applications, then look up and down for the app you want?.

The process of searching for apps is no process at all, its not like Search in XP which is horribly slow. 8 Search indexes everything so it all happens in a second. You only pin the most important apps to Taskbar that you use in Desktop mode, I have 13, and since open windows share the same icon on the taskbar and use thumbnail previews, the taskbar doesnt get cluttered. Then Start for other apps or metro apps, or type to find. Its really not hard at all.

The misconception is that the Start Menu was taken away.noit wasnt, it just went full screen. Theres a difference between a compact menu, and everything pinned to a task bar. And no, I know how fast searching for a program is. But what you dont understand (apparently) is that the Start menu was created to replace having to type commands into DOS. Its a step backwards to have to type the name each time you want a non-pinned program.

You can start a program in three clicks. Why would I want to keep typing the name over and over to start it? And I dont want a bunch of crap pinned to my task bar. With Windows 8 Start, running a program only takes 2 clicks from the desktop, so its faster, hell it can even take 1 click if you press the window key on the keyboard, which has easily become second nature for me to do so now. But you prefer to make three clicks? I dont know how you dont get the idea behind dividing apps into three priorities.

Taskbar for mostly used from Desktop, Start for often used (or metro apps), and type to find for least used.its not hard, its definitely faster. Good riddance to the old start menu. Metro was designed for tablets.

Its a crappy UI for mice and keyboard. And the removal of the Start menu was simply to try and force users to use the Start screen. Having to sort applications into three tiers with three different ways to run them is not only bad design, its stupid.

With one additional click, you can run them all from one place that doesnt take up the entire screen. Windows has used the Start menu for 17 years. You expect people to suddenly embrace its removal?

You dont have to sort applications into three tiers. It was a suggestion, because for some reason you thought the only option was pinning 50 apps to the task bar. The old start menu is not just a clickity click.

It is click, all programs, look among ridiculous small font and/or scroll up and down looking through sub folder after sub folder. Start comes in and out so fast you dont even notice it when you use it the right way. I press the start key, enter a couple of letters and press enter, I barely even notice start appear before its gone again. MetroUI is easy with a mouse and keyboard, people just enjoy being in the hater category for attention. The majority are getting on with it.

You offered pinning to the toolbar as the solution. If the Start menu was such a terrible idea, it wouldnt have survived for 17 years, and receive this much feedback to its removal. The only reason it was removed was because Microsoft wanted to force you to use Metro. Apparently people like you dont get it.

People hate it because its a crappy change to something thats been in use for the Windows OS for almost two decades. Maybe you arent old enough to remember, but typing commands to run programs is what the Start menu REPLACED. Microsoft is literally going backwards with the Search for apps to run.umm, no. Obviously you dont understand.

What part of Start requires you to type commands to run programs? Since when in CMD did you just type word and press enter and it runs without navigating to the directory or having a link? Having 100 programs in the old start menu is no different to having 100 programs in the Start App Drawer. They actually take no more or less time to use either, and having it full screen makes it easier to see. You may not be typing word.exe, but you are still bringing up where you have to type a command (search term) into, search for that program, and run it singly.

You arent navigating to the directory, but you are still typing in a command instead of using the Start menu like intended. Also, calling it CMD shows your age, calling what is essentially the DOS prompt CMD started with Windows XP. You have a way you like it, thats fine. But people need to stop calling the Start menu stupid just because you think the latest and greatest from Microsoft is actually a step back in UI functionality and use. Ive used PCs since windows 3.11, before the start menu, age has nothing to do with it. Do you still call it Kentucky Fried Chicken after they changed it to KFC?

I never said the old menu is stupid, I said that the Windows 8 way is faster, and it is. Ive used PCs since windows 3.11, before the start menu, age has nothing to do with it. Do you still call it Kentucky Fried Chicken after they changed it to KFC? I never said the old menu is stupid, I said that the Windows 8 way is faster, and it is.

If you have used Windows since 3.11, then you know why the Start menu was created in the first place, to replace having to run commands in DOS. You said the Start menu was a terrible thing. Terrible, stupid, whatever. If it were so bad it wouldnt have survived for 17 years. 17 years as a UI element in a computer environment is ridiculous.

I cant think of many other things that have survived that long. And the only reason they tried to get rid of it was to force you to use Metro. They saw how much Apple was making with iTunes and the app store, and they wanted to create one UI for desktops, tablets, and phones.

Otherwise you would still be using the Start menu. And its likely by the next version of Windows, we will have a real Start menu back. So it might be faster for you, but for me, its not. Its a stupid return to typing in programs to run them. And this is from someone who LIKED DOS.

Typing commands to run DOS programs -> Start menu to run programs without commands -> Typing to search for a program, then running it. Thats not progress. Putting programs of different importance is actually natural and makes sense. People often carry their wallet with them for quick access, but leave their bag in the car because they dont expect to need to go into it often.

The wallet being your taskbar, and going back to the car to get the lesser used item is Start/All Apps. While YOU want everything sitting there in a cluttered list of shortcuts and subfolders, others dont want clutter. More people agree with less clutter. The explorer icon pinned to the taskbar gives you quick access to all your files like Docs, Pics, Downloads etc.there really is no need for the old start menu. What you arent getting is that there was NOTHING WRONG with the Start menu.

It was changed only to try to force you to use Microsofts newest toy, AKA Metro, which is also an attempt to gain some of the app marketshare like Apple has with the iTunes store. Oh, theres nothing I dont get. But the fact remains is that the old start menu was a slow piece of crap way to run apps. If you had your favourite apps pinned to the start menu, then they now get pinned to Taskbar or Start, simple as that. Get over it.

If you used the old start menu to get to control panel, right click the lower left corner and all your advanced settings are there. If you used the old start menu to get to your documents etc, then you now click the brown explorer icon that was already pinned to the task bar when you first got Windows 8. It is all LESS clicks, LESS time consumed, MORE productive. Why people want to hold on to the slow way boggles me.

was a slow piece of crap way to run appsI dont understand how the concept of three clicks is slower than clicking on a search box, and TYPING the name of what you are looking for. Maybe if you werent familiar with your Start menu. Maybe if you had so much crap on it, installed every single thing you ever ran across, and never sorted it by name (right-click, sort by name), and never bothered to actually maintain it, it might take you awhile to find something.

You also seem to forget, your most-used programs pinned themselves to your Start menu. One click, and there was the list. One more click, and it ran.

The Explorer shortcut is fine, and that was introduced in Windows 7, not 8. You also act like the Start menu was the ONLY way to get into something. Opening up My Computer, your documents were right there, too. Or were you unaware that you could reenable desktop icons that Microsoft have used between Windows 95 to Windows 2000?

The old start menu is slower. In Windows 8 you dont click a search box, you dont type the full name of what you want. You simply tap the window key and type 2 or 3 letters, and press enter. Have you actually tried it? I will release a video and post a link here to show you how fast Windows 8 really is when you know how to use it.

I am aware that Explorer was introduced in 7, you assume I havent used every version of Windows since 3.11. Also, if you could point out where I ACT like the start menu was the only way?, and you just got my point anyway, there have always been multiple methods to accessing the information you want, like My Computer, Desktop icons, keyboard shortcuts etc, didnt really need the start menu. If youre so chuffed about re-enabling desktop icons which is a simple setting that everyone knows, why are you pissed that the start menu is gone?

Nothing is going to convince you otherwise. Maybe the Start menu is slower for YOU. But its not for me. I would rather have all of my programs listed in one place than have to search for then each time I want to run them, or pin them all to my task bar, cluttering it up. I know exactly how the process works. Its dumb to me.

The entire point of a GUI is to avoid having to type commands. So the logical (according to you) faster way is to type your programs name again? And no, Explorer wasnt introduced in Windows 7, the Explorer shortcut PINNED to the taskbar was. Explorer goes back to Windows 1.0. You missed my point. You acted like everyone relied on the Start menu for everything.

Where did I get that? Your constant examples of how the Start menu was slower when accessing something. I didnt go to my documents folder from the Start menu in Windows XP.

I went to it from the documents folder under My Computer. I never said I dislike reenabling them. Its the first thing I did.

You are FINE to like something better, but you cannot dismiss one of the most important UI elements in computer OS GUI history just because you prefer typing the names of your programs. Anyone can run applications faster with 8 Start faster that you ever will with the old start menu, children, elderly, wivesyoure defending something that will no longer be without 3rd party apps. Youre more than welcome to stay in the past. I think thats the biggest problem, some people, yourself included, only see a problem with the Start menu because its now old and been replaced. If Microsoft reintroduces the Start menu exactly like it was, in the next version of Windows, what then? There is no problem as such with the old start menu, its just a slow means of doing things.

I never ran applications from the start menu, only ever pinned to start or quick launch because I like fast, I dont like pissing around. I still have some 7 machines at home that still get used, I am not incapacitated because they have start menus, hell Ive only been using 8 since the RC, what do you think I had before then? I just didnt use the start menu the slow way, and that is clicking through menu after menu to get to an app, then you click it, the menu goes away, then you do the process again for the next application. Do that several times in a row multiple times throughout the day and you soon appreciate pinning, whether its pinning to the old start menu, quicklaunch, taskbar or Windows 8 Start. Have you ever heard of Spotlight in Mac OS?

That feature is no different, and is something I use often, as opposed to Go > Applications > Look

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