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Meniscus Tear Surgery is it always necessary? Recovery After Meniscal Tear SurgeryOtherPRPCartilage Injury and Cartilage DefectsMicrofracture for Cartilage Injuries Of The KneeKnee FAQKnee ReplacementGeneralGeneral FAQShared Decision MakingSocial health, Social helpNutritionHealthcare TechnologiesForms & BrochuresBrochures on Orthopedic ConditionsFormsPost-Op InstructionsSupartz, Orhovisc, Synvisc InfoTotal Knee GuideTreatment AlgorithmsSnapping shoulderShoulder snapping or popping is a very common issue it is so common that this is one of the most frequently searched topics on my website. I see between 5-10 patients a week who are simply in my office because they want to know Why my shoulder snaps and pops?

The shoulder is a very complex joint composed of bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and two different linings we call the synovium and the bursa. If any of these structures are injured, the smoothly functioning shoulder can pop, snap or click. These injuries can be simply due to everyday use, chronic repetitive stress of sports or because of a significant trauma, fall or accident. The most common cause of rotator cuff related pain and popping is rotator cuff tendinosis Should I be worried if my shoulder pops? Most of the time the clicking or snapping is due to everyday use and changes that occur naturally within our joints. As we age this causes some of the surfaces to roughen thus when they rub against one another they will snap, click, or pop within the shoulder.

In the majority of circumstances snapping or clicking of the shoulder is not an issue to worry about. Painless clicking and popping usually does not require any treatment at all. Once I see you for your shoulder examination many of you have tried various remedies. I have seen many different shoulder compression sleeves. Ive seen many of you try Glucosamine, andHyaluronic Acidto try and smooth things out. Additionally, many of you have tried Tart Cherry Juice as a natural anti-inflammatory.

On the other hand, clicking or popping of shoulder may also soon after an injury. That might mean that you have sustained a significant injury. There are occasions when popping or snapping could signify a problem in your shoulder. If your shoulder was injured and it is now sliding in and out of place (instability), it may snap or pop. If the rotator cuff was injured or torn, the torn edge could snap or pop. OrIf the labrum of the shoulder was torn, your shoulder may also snap or pop.

A piece of cartilage has torn loose and you have a loose body getting caught in the shoulder. If the snapping is in the back of the shoulder, it could be an issue with your shoulder blade, or scapula. Should we be Icing Injuries ? latest from the blog.

This is a picture showing a labrum tear with exposed bone. The metal probe is resting on the labrum. The shoulder is similar to a golf ball sitting on a golf tee.

Imagine that the golf tee has a rubber washer sitting around the edge. That is exactly what the labrum is in the shoulder. It is a rim of tissue around the socket of the shoulder.

It serves as an attachment for the ligaments, and it helps the ball of the shoulder stay in position. If the labrum or cartilage in the shoulder is torn a result of a single traumatic event or repetitive stress (pitching), then it may be separating from the bone or becoming caught in shoulder and causing a pop or a snap. Click here to learn more about labral tears.

This is the same labral tear once it has been repaired and stitched back to the bone. Rotator Cuff TearsIf the rotator cuff tendons are injuredthen there is a loose edge within the shoulder that can catch on other ligaments or structures in the shoulder. This may lead to painful snapping or popping. Click here to help determine if you have a rotator cuff tear? Click here to learn more about rotator cuff tears.

Shoulder DislocationsIf the shoulder ligaments were injured from an acute injury or from repetitive stress, the shoulder may have become loose and is dislocating. This can lead the ball of the shoulder to slide up or over the edge of the socket. When the ball then falls back into place it may cause snapping or popping.

This section on shoulder dislocations delves further into detail on shoulder instability. For more information. Click here to learn more about shoulder dislocations. Arthritis, by definition is the loss of cartilage or the cushioning on the ends of our bones. If the cartilage is rough, thinning or absent, the surfaces of the shoulder will be rough and causing clicking, snapping and popping.

Notice that the cartilage here is literally peeling off the bone underneath. These flaps or pieces can cause clicking and popping. Rest assured that the vast majority of shoulder snapping or clicking is normal. If you have pain, or if you are concerned or certainly if your snapping or popping started after an injury an evaluation by a sports medicine trained orthopedist may be able to put your worst fears to rest. For more information on the anatomy or structures of the shoulder check out this section on shoulder anatomy.

Video on Causes of Shoulder Snapping or PoppingA Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Hawthorne, NY. Dr Luks specializes in the treatment of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle. He has a very social patient centric approach and believes that the more you understand about your issue, the more informed your decisions will be. Ultimately your treatments and his recommendations will be based on proper communications, proper understanding, and shared decision making principles --- all geared to improve your quality of life.

Please read our DisclaimerWhat about if somebody has had a torn AC in the shoulder and dislocated shoulder? Because now after my injury every time I work out I have a painful pop in my shoulder and also I some mobility issues with it, for example bringing bench press all the way down to my chest is near to impossible for me and if I do it feels as if my shoulder will pop out at any given moment. Do you have any advise, for a 18 year old on what is the best fix/ help the problem? Dylan if your shoulder feels unstable and you have a history of a prior shoulder dislocation, you should consider seeing a sports medicine doctor who specializes in the treatment of shoulder issues. Once the source or reason for your dislocation and current apprehension is determined, you can then talk about the alternatives available to alleviate the problem. Good LuckHoward LuksHello,I am 16 and have not had any injury that I am aware of.

However, every time I move around my arms or shoulder,my back and shoulders pop and crack nonstop and is often painful. Also, the pain seems to radiate to my neck as well. It is quite hard to describe how it really feels but it just feels like every single bone in my upper back and shoulders are cracking. Thank you. I never hurt my shoulder but when I was 16 my shoulder started popping extremely loud (not painful though), then as time went by I noticed the popping was softer and less rough.

Slowly, my shoulder became weaker. Its been 5 years now since the popping started. It hardly pops now but I cant have my arm up for more then a number of seconds before my shoulder feels too weak that I have to bring it down. I cant throw a ball more then a couple of times because my shoulder will be really sore the next day (and that is when the popping is more frequent).

What can it be? I can live with not using my shoulder much (as I have these past years) but I want to know I would like to do boxing or tennis or baseball but having my arms up is impossible

The pain the day after is harsh. What do you think it is?? I have never had a shoulder problem.

I am 45 and was on a trampoline ride of sorts where you have to wear a harness around your waist and its connected to some rubber bands on each side of me. You pull on the rubber bands like a parachute cord and jump on the trampoline getting height. Anyway i never felt any pain or problem while doing this but a day or so later felt pretty sore in arms and shoulders. Once the soreness went away when i move my left arm in certain directions it feels like a pop and hurts just for that instant. It feels like a tendon or something shifts in my shoulder and only hurts when it moves/shifts slightly. I pulled my car door shut today and i felt some pain/soreness not a pop or shift just sore when pulling.

It does not hurt at all while not using it. It has been a couple weeks and still the same issue. I have not taken any medicine at all.

I worked out the other day and bench pressed no problem, but if i try and lift a weight from my waist keeping my arm straight and lift up to the height of my neck/ shoulder it hurts in the outside shoulder. Any ideas of what my problem is or even what i should do. Should i leave it alone for awhile and see if it goes away, take an anti-inflammatory, use heat or ice?? Any advice would be great.Thanks, KevinHi,My name is Heather and I am 25. I have never had a shoulder injury before, but for years my right shoulder has had a catch in it and pops a lot. It has progressed to the point that it catches every time I feed my son a bite of food(arm stretched straight forward) and every time I have to get something off a shelf.

I have to pull my arm behind me to get it to release and then it pops loudly. This isnt necessarily painful, just annoying when caring for my children or even grocery shopping. Any advice? Heather If this has persisted for a while and you are concerned a good history and exam should be able to tell you whats going on. I would suggest seeing a surgeon who specializes in the shoulder.

Good luckIm 25 and have been experiencing pain in my shoulder/biceps/triceps/chest for the past 5 years on and off. My shoulder pops when I roll it but does not hurt. If anything, it relieves the pain a tiny bit. My doctor says its normal but when the pain comes, sometimes its in my arm only or chest only. I noticed that with increased stress, the pain comes on strong. My doctor recommended doing Yoga.

Should I seek another opinion? Dylan-I am not s physician, but I have trained S&C at the high school level, and lifted weights and studied exercise myself for 31 years. What I have found is that most males who regularly weight train have extreme imbalance in their shoulder development.

[This is not that earth-shattering a discovery, BTW.]With the help of your physician/medical professional, you should be able to quickly identify if this is the case for you, and establish a treatment program. Typically, its not the most exciting or challenging work you do, but with consistency and a little luck, you suddenty realize, Hey, I dont have that shoulder pain anymoreHi names JakeAnyways Ive read the stuff about why my shoulder could be popping and understand somewhat but my other worry is my clavicle is popping by my neck side and shoulder side so in multiple places across my shoulder..and its on my left and right side it dont hurt but I dont wanna go to a doctor to spend money on something that could just be a natural thing.I could use some advice on what I should dothanxJake There are many reasons why our joints pop and snap. Some of you have loose ligaments which allow your joints to slosh around and move in and out of place.

Most of the times this is not of concern especially if there is little or no pain associated with it. HJLhello. im 17 year old and when i touch my shoulder and move it in the circles i feel lots of bone movements like jumping against each other i love to exercise because i wanna join in army next year while exercising like doing push ups i can hear little crackling not loud there is no pain and my shoulder is little bit weak i can hold it in the air for like 1 minute then its getting little bit tired but there is no pain and nothing is there a problem or is it fully normal? Dear Sir,(Age 33) I was diagnosed for positive rotator cuff impingement on 06Feb 2013 and after getting some medical treatment by ortho they now (8 April 2013) say that I got no impingement anymore but I feel some snap and pop when I move my injured hand sideways to all the way up above my head. I am not doing any shoulder workout anymore bcoz I got little bit of swelling on the back of my injured shoulder recently.

Swelling subsided after couple of days but I am confused whether I should start my shoulder therapy workout or not? Do I need another MRI to get a more clear picture? Please reply and help. Regards,S Rajesh KumarDear Sir,A very good morning to you.

As per your advice I went to an orthoped doc and asked if I need to go for a 2nd MRI but since I didnt have any pain in my shoulder area, even when lifting my hand above head, the ortho doc advised me not to go for another MRI and gave me some prescriptions like Bravia-D, Ciplax 10, Cobadex czs (sorry I may not be 100% correct with the spelling) and a vit-D tablet. What do you think about the the above mentioned prescriptions? Is it the right kind of medicine for a rotator cuff injury to heal? I dont have any problems or pain lifting my hand at all but still there is some cracking or snapping sound coming out from my injured shoulder when I try to do some therapy workout.

Could you please give me some idea as to what may be the reason causing such sounds. Please reply and oblige. I shall remain thankful to you always. Thanks and regards,S Rajesh KumarHello, Im sixteen, Ive just started working out again, after being inactive due to a family crisis.

Its been about a week since I started working out, and just today, I noticed that my right shoulder is off. It popped and cracked today while I was doing push-ups, and now it feels weird. There is little pain, only when I touch the area, but I feel slightly weaker in my arm now. From diagrams Ive looked up and by touching the area, Ive noticed that the tissue around the acromion, (at least I think thats what its called) feels looser than the other arm.

DanielThere are so many reasons while a shoulder can pop and snap. Even more when youre 16 and your growth plates are open. If you are able to work-out then continue doing so and see if your symptoms improve.

If they do not improve then consider seeing an orthopedist in a few weeks. good luckHoward Luks(Age 14) Everytime I move my shoulder it pops and cracks. It has been going on for quite a long time but does not hurt if Im not involved in sports. It constantly hurts when Im actively involved in either soccer (im a goal keeper)or softball. What should I do?

Please reply have lots of sports and need some advice before it gets worseThank YouI have had 5 shoulder surgeries and am looking at a total shoulder I am only 44. I developed an infection after they pinned my biceps on a previous surgery. The last surgery they moved the bicep because of the infection and inflamation.

I have been on antibiotics through and IV for 6 weeks. No guarantee that they will get rid of the infection. This morning my shoulder popped and it hurt I dont want to call my doctor for fear that he will say something is wrong. Is it normal to have a loud pop with pain 6 weeks after a surgery? I am still in therapy. PattyPattyA few things first, in a shoulder that has arthritis, the surfaces are rough.

Second, after multiple surgeries, there is likely to be scar tissue as well. Combined those can produce popping sounds, grinding, clicking etc. One thing to keep in mind.. after an infection even if it appears to be gone, your risk of developing an infection after a shoulder replacement is quite high. There are steps to take to minimize this risk, so make sure to let the surgeon who performs the replacement about your history of an infection when the time comes.

Howard LuksMy left shoulder has been popping for a few months and I is painful, I went to the doctor and he gave me medicine that is not doing anything, and now I cannot lift my arm higher then my shoulder and now the pain goes into my upper arm and sometimes down into the lower arm, it feels like someone is shoving something sharp in my shoulder and even if I try to reach for something it hurts really bad, I cannot get my doctor to take me seriuosly and I am worried that I am making it worse, Have even thought about getting a sling to try and rest it. A sling might help with pain relief, but in the end, may lead to a stiff shoulder. There are many reasons for a popping shoulder to be painful. Perhaps not the answer you want to hear but you simply need to find an orthopedist or doctor willing to listen to you and educate you about your shoulder condition. Good Luck Good morning, I had a tear in my rotator cuff, which the doctor surgically repaired over a year ago.

Im still in pain after physical therapy Ive also notice a huge lump in my muscle just below my shoulder. Should I do more physical therapy? The pain is getting back to the point of waking me up again. Suggestions welcomehi there im 32 yrs old and ive been having shoulder pain for 10 yrs or so now I constantly have to pop my shoulder to relieve the pain after holding something for a period of time and when im sleeping at night and if I have my left arm above my head on my pillow when I wake up my left shoulder is in severe pain and hurts to move my arm for a few minutes I had an xray and a mri done 2 yrs ago and the xray showed I have a healed clavical fracture that I never knew I had cause I didnt hurt like a broken bone or anything and I have noticed that my left shoulder is a lot lower then my right shoulder the MRI I had done shows a joint separation and they noticed a


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Why Do Shoulders Snap or Pop? Howard Luks, MD Westchester ...

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