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DedicationSpecial Upgrade OfferCREDITSAbout the AuthorsContributorsPREFACEComputing and CommunicationHow to Use This BookHow This Book Is OrganizedConventions Used in This BookUsing Code ExamplesAcknowledgmentsWed Like to Hear from You1. IPHONE AND IPOD TOUCH HACKING BASICS1. Learn the Language of iPhone HackingThe iPhone Cellular StandardiPhone ApplicationsThe iPhones Unix HeritageChroot, Jails, and JailbreakingThe SDK and the App StoreUnlockingiPhone OS and Firmware2.

Discover Your iPhones HackabilityTaking Inventory3. Open Your iPhone or iPod touch to Customization by JailbreakingWhy Jailbreak? A Brief History of Jailbreaking ApplicationsJailbreaking with Pwnage and QuickPwnJailbreaking the Latest Firmware4. Install Third-Party AppsEnter Installer.appEnter CydiaRepositoriesTrusting Sources5.

Manipulate Your iPhones FilesystemAccess iPhone Files from Your ComputerUnderstand the HierarchyBrowse Your iPhone Directory on the iPhone ItselfMobileFinderMobile Safari6. Back Up Your iPhones FilesStrategy 1: Use iTunesStrategy 2: Use the CloudStrategy 3: Manually Back Up2. TROUBLESHOOT YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD TOUCH7.

Triage Your iPhoneApplicationsOperating SystemBIOSHardwareSummary8. Force Quit an iPhone Application9. Reboot Your iPhonePower Off Normally10. Restore and Recover Your iPhoneRestoreEntering Recovery ModeRestoring the FirmwareExiting Recovery Mode11. Enter DFU ModeEntering DFU ModeExiting DFU Mode12.

Get Quality Support with iPhone HackingThe CommunityThe iPhone Dev TeamHackint0shThe iPhone WikiiClarifiedmodmyi.comReal-Time Tech Support: IRCSome Favorites3. MESSAGING AND COMMUNICATION13. Get the Most from iPhone EmailiPhone Email SupportEmail as a Clipboard and Hard DriveSetting UpCopy and Paste14. Unleash the Full Power of TextingSend Multiple Text Messages via EmailSend SMS Through Your Instant MessengerSending MMS MessagesReceiving Multimedia Message Service (MMS) on the iPhone15. Text Your iPhone with Your Desktop Instant MessengerAdd Your Phone to Your Instant MessengerNote to SelfShrinking URLs for Text Messages16.

Enable MMS Picture Messaging on Your iPhonePicture Messaging, WAP, and WAP PushAdding WAP Push to a U.S. AT&T AccountUsing SwirlyMMSSending MMSReceiving MMS17. Increase the Duration of Your iPhones SMS Alert18. Use Instant Messaging on Your iPhoneWeb-based IM Applicationsbeejives JivetalkApp Store AppsFree AppsJailbreak Solutions19. Connect to IRC on Your iPhoneRemote IRC to Your MacIRC Out and About4. MEDIA AND DATA20.

Carry a Portable File ServerAir SharingMobile StudioBonjourLimitationsGoing Beyond21. Convert Videos, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs to iPhone- and iPod touchReady FormatsVideo Compression 101HandBrakeCommand-Line HandBrakeQuickTime ProiMovie (OS X)Photo-JPEGHardware AssistVideora (Windows)Web-based ConversionsDVD and Blu-Ray on Your iPhoneDVD and Blu-Ray RippingWhy Is It So Hard? Ripping on a MacPC RippingEncoding and ConversionMac EncodingAll-in-one Programs that Rip and Convert22. Present PowerPoint on a Projector or TV Using Your iPhone or iPod touchSimple Slide ExportExporting with AnimationHack It with Screen CaptureCapturing Audio and VideoPresentingOne More Thing23. Sync Music and Videos from Multiple Computers to Your iPhone24. Stream Music and Videos from Your Computer to Your iPhoneMacPCLinux: MythTVCross-Platform: Simplify MediaOther Options25.

Read News, RSS, and Websites QuicklyReally Simple Syndication (RSS)View RSS Feeds on Your iPhones Web BrowserGoogle NewsView RSS Feeds on Your iPhone with App Store AppsMore than RSSIntelliscreen26. Read e-Books on Your iPhoneAn e-Book Reader AnthologyStanzaeReaderBookShelfPDFsClassicsComicZealFinding Professional-Quality ContentDictionaries27. Take Panoramas and Nightshots with Your Built-in CameraResolution and Field of View EnhancementLow Light ConditionsPanoLab Pro28. Record and Upload Videos with Your iPhoneA Brief History of Consumer Filming5. GAME EMULATION29.

Understand the Homebrew and Emulation SceneEmulationHomebrewRunning an Emulator30. Play Nintendo Games on Your iPhone or iPod touchGetting a Homebrew ROMInstalling NESExtracting Your ROMs31. Play Sega Genesis Games on Your iPhone or iPod touchGetting a Homebrew ROMInstalling the EmulatorExtracting Your ROMs32. Play Nintendo Game Boy Games on Your iPhone or iPod touchGetting a Homebrew ROMInstalling gameboy4iphoneExtracting Your ROMs33. Play Super Nintendo Games on Your iPhone or iPod touchGetting a Homebrew ROMInstalling snes4iphoneExtracting Your ROMs34. Play Nintendo Game Boy Advance Games on Your iPhone or iPod touchGetting a Homebrew ROMInstalling gpSPhoneDumping Your BIOSExtracting Your ROMs35.

Play PS1 Games on Your iPhone or iPod touchCopying an ISO for the GameExtracting the PlayStation BIOSTesting Your BIOS and ISOInstalling psx4iphone6. TELEPHONY HACKS36. Use GSM Codes to Configure Phone FeaturesCurrent Account BalanceCall BarringCall ForwardingEnter Field Test ModeDisplay IMEI37.

Add Speed Dial with Custom IconsSet Up Speed-Dial ShortcutsMaking It Look GoodA Quicker WayOne More Thing38. Access Your Asterisk Voicemails on Your iPhone or iPod touch39. Access Your Vonage Voicemails on Your iPhone or iPod touch40. Use Voice over IP on Your iPhone or Second-Generation iPod touchSIP41. Get Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile or Other CarriersVisual Voice Email42.

Automatically Translate Your Voicemails to TextVarious Services43. Update Twitter or Your Blog with a Phone CallOther Services44. Create a Podcast While DrivingOther Options7. UNLOCKING AND ACTIVATIONMethods of UnlockingGeneral Unlocking Advice45. Buy an Unlocked iPhone from Apple46. Unlock Your iPhone with SoftwareHow Does It Work?

BootNeuter (for Original iPhone)Yellowsn0w (for iPhone 3G)47. Unlock Your iPhone with a SIM HackExample: i3gSimVendors and Caveats48. Configure Your iPhone After UnlockingFix Cellular Data SettingsiPhone Configuration UtilityDownload a Carrier Bundle from CydiaOne More Thing: YouTube Fix8. CUSTOMIZATION49. Add Custom Ringtones to Your iPhoneCustom Ringtones via iTunesCustom Ringtones via Other ApplicationsThe AppThe iPhone AppThe Directory50. Skin Your iPhone and Change System SoundsIntroduction to ThemesUsing WinterBoardUnderstanding WinterBoardChanging Sound FilesChanging Carrier LogosAnd More51.

Change Your Boot ScreenVia PwnageVia the LogoMe App52. Enhance Autocorrection with Address Book Entries53. Skin Your iPhone ExternallySetting the Scene54. Hide Unwanted Applications9. NETWORK HACKS55.

Use Your iPhone or iPod touch as a Trackpad56. Control Your Desktop or Laptop with Your iPhone or iPod touch57. Control Your iPhone or iPod touch with Your Desktop or Laptop58. Connect to Your iPhone with a Secure Shell (SSH) Terminal ProgramInstalling an SSH ServerSSH Client Software for WindowsSSH Client Software for Mac UsersWhat Do I Do Now? Hacking the Hack: SSH with no passwordsSSH with no passwords59. Administer Remote Servers with a Terminal ProgramTouchTermiSSHOther Options60.

Mount the iPhone Filesystem on Your Mac with AppleTalk or SSHAFPMacFUSELinux, Windows, and other OSs61. Easily Manage All the Network Services on Your iPhone62. Track and Recover Your iPhone63. Track, Recover, and Control Your iPhone64. Make Your iPhone or iPod touch a Web Server65.

Connect to Your iPhone or iPod touch from Outside Your Home/Office NetworkIP AddressesPort ForwardingDynamic DNSOne More Thing66. Print from Your iPhone to Any Fax MachineFax TechnologyEmail-to-Fax ServicesPrinting on the GoReceiving Faxes67. Tether Your iPhones EDGE/3G Network to Your Laptop68. Run Applications in the Background69. Keep Your Wi-Fi Running All the Time on Your iPhoneProgramming70. Trick Your Wi-Fi Apps into Working Over 3G10.

APPLICATION HACKS71. Create Music with the iPhone and iPod touchThe Basics: Silly InstrumentsMiniPianoLearningTuning Your InstrumentRecording Your PerformancesMixing and SynthesisOcarinaGoing on Stage72. Triangulate Distances with Your Built-in Camera and GPSHow does it work? Applying the Hack73. Add More Ways to SyncFrom Your iPhone to Your ComputerMigrating from Smartphone to iPhone74. Alter Your Voice and Outgoing Caller ID on the iPhone75.

Use Your iPhone as a Media Remote ControlApple TV & iTunesWeb-based Controls76. Make Your iPhone or iPod touch Talk77. Copy and Paste Between Applications78. Download YouTube Videos Instead of Streaming79. Acquire New Media with dTunesMusicVideoTorrents80. Back Up Your Jailbroken Apps11.

DEVELOPMENT HACKS81. Turn Command-Line Scripts into iPhone AppsWriting ScriptsHello WorldBackup LocallyBack Up to a ServerWrap the Backup in an ApplicationSet the Icon and PictureHandle Timeouts GracefullyDisplay Result Codes82. Edit Mac OS X Property Lists (plists)Tweaking a Property ListEditing on Non-Mac Platforms83. Create Periodic Tasks that Run in the BackgroundGetting to Know launchdCreating a Recurring Task with launchdProtect Your Tasks with TimeoutEasy launchd Plist EditingCreate Periodic Backups with launchd84. Manipulate iPhone Application DatabasesLearning SQLRunning SQLiteBrowsing Databases with a GUI ApplicationExtending the iPhone Call Database85. Sync Your Call Log with iCal on Mac OS XiphonelogdiPhone to ServerServer to MacImport to iCal86.

Choose Between the Apple SDK and Open Tools for iPhone DevelopmentThe ContendersCostDocumentationFeatures and LimitationsDistributionLag TimeTo Each His Own87. Develop iPhone Applications with Apples SDKDownloading and Installing the SDKBuilding the UICatalog SampleInstall the UICatalog Sample on the Device88. Self-Sign Your SDK ProjectsCode Signing with Self-Signed CertificatesCode Signing with ldidDisable Provisioning in XcodeDisable Provisioning Checks on the iPhone89.

Manually Install Applications90. Use a Virtual Machine for Building iPhone AppsDownloading and Configuring the VMBuilding the SamplesReady to Go91. Develop iPhone Applications on Your iPhoneInstalling the ToolchainBuilding an Open Source Program on the iPhoneBuild the UICatalog Sample92. Restart Your SpringBoard to Reveal Newly Installed Applications93. Create a UI Without Interface BuilderSpecify the Application Delegate ClassCreate the Main Window and Root ViewsCreate Subviews for Your Custom View ControllersRemoving the NIB from Your ProjectExplore More UIKit Controls94. Use API Explorer to Peek into Built-in Frameworks95.

Access Private APIsclass-dumpAdd a Private (or Public) Framework to Your ApplicationAdd a Private Class to Your ApplicationAdd a Private Method to Your Application12. HARDWARE HACKS96. Adapt Existing Headphones to Work with the Original iPhoneHacking the Wire97.

Make the Original iPhone Dock Work for the iPhone 3G98. Make Noise-Cancelling iPhone Headset99. Use the iPhone Camera for Close-UpsPhysically Adjust the Focus of the iPhones CameraUse Camera Viewfinders100. Watch Your iPhone or iPod touch on a TVRF ModulationSwanky Hotels101.

Mirror or Output the iPhone Screen with TV-OutScreenSplitrTVOut102. Connect the iPhone to a CarFront-Seat EntertainmentiPod/iPhone IntegrationControlling Your iPhone/iPod touchRear-Seat EntertainmentIn-Vehicle Internet103. Use Your iPhone with Gloves OnDIY Conductive GlueConductive ThreadPremade Solutions104. Peek Inside Your DeviceTools105.

Disassemble and Reassemble Your Original iPhoneIts Open Removing the BatteryReplacing the Battery106. Disassemble and Reassemble Your iPhone 3GReplacing the Battery107. Disassemble and Reassemble Your Original iPod touch108.

Disassemble and Reassemble Your Second-Generation iPod touch109. Learn the Pinouts of the iPhone and iPod touchThe Headphone Connector PinoutsUsing the Headphone JackThe Dock Connector PinoutsFinding Pins110. Make an External Camera Illuminator for Your iPhone111. Control the Physical World from Your iPhoneHacking into the R/C ControllerHacking the Hack112. Charge Your iPhone from (Almost) Any SourceBuy a Universal Charger with a Dock Connector PassthroughBuy an Adapter for Your Existing ChargerBuild Your Own AdapterMake a 3G Adapter Cable to Charge via FireWireHacking the Hack113.

Connect Your iPhone to a Serial Port Using a Dock ConnectorTalking to the iPhone114. Remote Control Your iPhone or iPod touch with the Dock Connector115. Read Signals from an Infrared Remote ControlWithout Jailbreaking 116.

Connect a Serial Device to Your iPhoneWithout Jailbreaking The CircuitProgramming the Cypress ChipHow it WorksHacking the Hack117. Connect a Keyboard to Your iPhoneWithout Jailbreaking How It WorksHacking the Hack118.

Use Your iPhone to Go Back in TimeIndexAbout the AuthorsSpecial Upgrade OfferCopyrightChapter1.IPHONE AND IPOD TOUCH HACKING BASICSThere are a lot of reasons to hack your iPhone or iPod touch. Theres this myth that hacking will go away once Apple adds that one killer feature. But its unlikely, because the iPhone is unlike the earlier iPods or any phone on the market before it. It is a full-featured personal computer. The iPhone is a global device that uses the international standard GSM protocol. Unlocking the phone so that it can use SIM cards anywhere is a major industry, and will probably continue to be so even after Apples exclusive contracts with mobile carriers are gone.

The iPod touch is the heir apparent of the iPod, and once flash memory sizes surpass hard drives, the iPod touch will be the iPod. But this iPod surfs the Web, gets email, and maps your location, and new applications are constantly being developed for it. The impulse to get the iPodalready the de facto standard MP3 playerto do even more is irresistible. No matter what Apple adds to its Software Development Kit (SDK), there will always be something important that they left out.

It might just be the future killer application. And thus, the hacking community will continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with the phone. Its important to realize that the iPhone is as powerful as a top-of-the-line late-90s computer. Late-90s computers were fast enough to use broadband and to fuel the first Internet boom. But this computer fits in a shirt pocket, and can be controlled with one finger.

Now imagine a world where everyone is holding a broadband-connected, Unix-based personal computer in their hand. Can you think of anything that Apple just might not have thought of? We can. Learn the Language of iPhone HackingBypass the iPhone learning curve with this quick tutorial.

Its easy to get overwhelmed with a flood of new terminology when learning a new topic, especially when it comes to computers and hacking. The iPhone has an unusually steep learning curve. This hack will quickly get you talking the talk so you can get past the n00b (newbie) phase quickly and make sense of the online discussions. The iPhone Cellular StandardApples iPhone was originally released in the United States exclusively on the AT&T network. There are a number of different cellular phone standards, but the technology in widest use around the world and standard in Europe is called GSM (Global System for Mobile communications).

GSM describes the technology for providing voice services, but the GSM system includes several levels of wireless data service as well. GPRS ( General Packet Radio Service) is the slowest of these protocols, providing speeds up to 40Kbps similar to a dial-up modem. EDGE ( Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) is a data transmission protocol capable of speeds up to 180Kbps, with a theoretical maximum of 230Kbps, like the now painfully slow broadband Internet from the late 90s. Generally, this speed makes EDGE a 2.5G (between second- and third-generation) wireless protocol, as contrasted with the 3G phones, which use HSDPA ( High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, the fastest current data standard used with GSM networks), which is comparable to a slow DSL connection. GSM phones are characterized by their use of a SIM ( Subscriber Identity Module) card, and the ability for users to switch phones by simply moving a SIM card from one phone to another ( Figure1-1).

Once Apples exclusive contract with AT&T has run out, they may create an iPhone that runs on other mobile standards such as the CDMA ( Code Division Multiple Access) and EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) standards used by Verizon and Sprint in the United States. iPhone ApplicationsThe iPhone runs an embedded (for a device, not a computer) form of Mac OS X for its system software, a thinned-down version of the same code that runs on Macintosh computers. Native applications are programs that are installed on the iPhone, as opposed to web applications, or iPhone-optimized web pages, that run in the Mobile Safari web browser, using technologies such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), and which require a working Internet connection to operate. The many built-in applications on the iPhone, such as Calendar, Photos, YouTube, and Safari, are native applications; there are also native third-party applications.

The applications on the iPhone are all launched by SpringBoard, an application that controls the home screen. Figure1-2 shows a jailbroken (hacked to be freed from restrictions) phone with some third-party apps. The iPhones Unix HeritageUnix is a cross-platform, multiuser, server operating system with a long history. It was first developed at AT&T in 1969.

It was one of the first open source operating systems. It has heavily influenced every operating system since then. Over the last 40 years, it has split into a large family tree with dozens of competing versions and several prominent clones, such as Linux. It has long been a programmers operating system (OS) as well as the ancestral home of computer hackers. Unix and Unix-like servers such as Linux represent a substantial portion of the servers on the Internet. Mac OS X is a Unix operating system.

One of the interesting things about the iPhoneand an interesting full circle for AT&Tis that upwards of 10 million people are now running a Unix-based operating system on their iPhone. Chroot, Jails, and JailbreakingAs we just mentioned,

Specific instruction to install Mac OS X on Intel and AMD ...

More .org. . . , . Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in /home/users/7/700701/domains/ Chapter 1. IPHONE AND IPOD TOUCH HACKING BASICS There are a lot of reasons to hack your iPhone or iPod touch. Theres this myth that hacking will go away.

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