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Speed is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediatelyYou can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC, smartphone, HTPC or even a game console (XBOX, PS3). Service limits:Bandwidth limit: up to 250GB per monthDisk storage limit: unlimited (as long as files are from public sources) is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediatelyYou can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC, smartphone, HTPC or even a game console (XBOX, PS3). Service limits:Bandwidth limit: up to 250GB per monthDisk storage limit: unlimited (as long as files are from public sources)HomeNews & CommentaryAuthorsSlideshowsVideoReportsWhite PapersEventsUniversityInteropIT LeadershipIoTDevOpsSoftwareSecurityCloudMobileData ManagementInfrastructureIndustriesGovernmentHealthcareIT LifePost a comment IDC has issued its IT FutureScape forecast for 2017, which includes 10 predictions for IT. Heres how cloud, mobile, social media, big data, AI, virtual reality, and other innovations are changing the world.

Post a comment Data and analytics initiatives may underpin every digital transformation initiative, but can these programs be trusted? A new survey from KPMG shows that even those running the programs dont always trust them. Post a comment At Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2016, the CEO of PARC brought three experts on stage to talk about digital transformation. InformationWeek found time after the session to go deeper into the subject. Post a comment You selected OpenStack to deploy an open private cloud. Anchoring it to traditional storage is like attaching a ball and chain that robs you of its benefits.

Save time and money and enable new capabilities such as instantaneous and parallel VM creation by pairing your OpenStack environment with the software-defined storage of Ceph. 1 comment As more companies seek to transform themselves digitally and effectively become software companies, some are going to have trouble filling the developer gap, according to a Cloud Foundry report. Post a comment Is your current IT role giving you the kind of well-rounded opportunities you need to succeed in the next five to ten years? Theres seems to be a disconnect between opportunity and expectations when it comes to the way IT pros are viewed in the larger context of enterprise digital transformation. Heres what we learned from the 2016 InformationWeek US IT Salary Survey. Post a comment Investments in predictive analytics, dashboards, and KPIs are coming to CRM lead management offerings, according to Gartners most recent Magic Quadrant report for the category.

The finding is reflective of an increasing number of IT organizations aiming to deliver more and better intelligence for sales and marketing users. Post a comment OReilly Medias 4th annual survey of data professionals looks at tools, languages, gender, geographies, and a host of other factors that are predictors in terms of how much data workers can expect to earn. Where do you fit? 1 comment Elliot Luber is a visiting assistant professor of business, management, and leadership at SUNY Empire State Colleges School for Graduate Studies. Here, he shares his views on what makes a great IT leader and provides four tips you can apply now to your own career journey. 2 comments A new Gartner Maverick report says that annual physical medical exams and primary care doctors are about to be disrupted by IoT medical devices and algorithm.

Heres how IT must shift to accommodate the change. Post a comment In the on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud world dominated by Amazon Web Services, its easy for costs to spiral out of control. To help, here are 6 tools to help manage and monitor your AWS spending. Post a comment IT agility is about far more than adopting agile development practices. It requires a complete rethinking of your entire IT organization in order to help your company achieve the digital transformation needed to survive.

Thats the conclusion of a new report from The Hackett Group, which identifies four key steps to take as you begin your journey toward IT agility. Post a comment As more and more companies delve into mobile e-commerce, the amount of data generated is putting new challenges for developers and IT departments. But analytics, IoT, and other tools have help make sense of that data, according a report from Frost & Sullivan. 1 comment During its recent Symposium ITXpo, Gartner released predictions about the future of technology for IT departments and users. Heres a look at those predictions and what they might mean for you and your organization. 1 comment Bank of America Merrill Lynch is in the midst of sweeping digital transformation involving all aspects of its customer-facing operations.

InformationWeek spoke with several of the companys technology executives to find out where IT fits in its evolving technology roadmap. 2 comments The UNLV IT staff had to be ready for a variety of requests -- often at the last minute -- as the school prepared to host the third Presidential debate earlier this month. Heres the inside story. 2 comments Sinister service outages, blood-curdling budget constraints, and chilling cyberthreats have long been the stuff of IT nightmares. Now a new survey looks at whats really terrifying IT pros this Halloween and beyond.

1 comment Despite the launch of a new Apple Watch line, smartwatch shipments plunged more than 50% between the third quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of this year. The latest numbers from IDC appears to show a market in need of significant recalibration. Post a comment Leveraging data -- big and small -- has become a powerful tool for enterprise IT organizations that successfully transition to digital businesses. Opportunities within enterprise organizations have expanded to fill the need. Heres our list of job titles for todays data professionals. 1 comment Digital twins involve the building of digital models of industrial assets such as turbines.

Gartner recently named the technology as one to follow in 2017, and heres how GE is bringing it to the mainstream. Post a comment In a new report, Nucleus Research identifies which of this years hot tech topics -- including AI, IoT, security, and supply chains applications -- will become even more focused and implementable in 2017. Post a comment In this episode of InformationWeeks Expert Voice podcast, McDonalds Jack Sylvester and Inklings Matt MacInnis talk about the new document infrastructure the fast food giant is using for its training and operations manuals -- and what that infrastructure means for onboarding more than 700,000 new employees a year. 2 comments When enterprises implement Hadoop, their top use-case was found to be business intelligence (BI). Now a new benchmark study shows which Hadoop SQL engines are best for which workloads. Here is a look at 7 key findings from that study.

Post a comment At its Symposium/ITxpo show, Gartner released new worldwide IT spending numbers that predict enterprises will spend up to 3.5 trillion on technology in 2017. Thats an increase of about 3% over 2016, with much of that money going toward software and services. Post a comment Digitization, creating a new level of organizational interoperability, and the practice of bimodal IT are among the priorities for CIOs, according to the Gartner 2017 CIO Agenda. See how your IT priorities stack up. 2 comments Declining confidence in enterprise IT and greater use of external cloud services are among the findings of a recent Accenture survey.

The growth of shadow IT comes with risks. Get a closer look with this infographic. 7 comments DevOps means a massive change for most organizations and requires serious commitment from management and workers. It isnt for everyone, but is it really for anyone? Here are nine reasons DevOps might not be right for you and your organization.

Post a comment Recovery audit services company PRGX is leveraging the lower storage cost and faster analytics speeds available in a Hadoop and Talend big data stack to realize more cost savings and revenue for customers. Post a comment The infrastructure for the new digital enterprise rests on five domains. At the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2016, Peter Sondergaard and his colleagues explained the importance of those domains. 2 comments IBM, Google, HPE, Dell, and others have combined resources to promote the OpenCAPI standard, which aims to boost the performance of data center servers tasked with analyzing large amounts of data. Post a comment In a filing with the SEC, HP said the cuts are part of a restructuring designed to reduce costs.

The news came the same week that Gartner reported an 8th consecutive quarter of declining PC shipments. 1 comment Theres been plenty of buzz about how Hadoop can store, process, and analyze huge files and large volumes of files like no other technology before it. But is this open source distributed big data system really suited for enterprises? We look at the pros and cons.

Post a comment Industry disruptor Zillow leverages data about residential real estate and makes it available to the general public. The companys senior director of data science and engineering shares the secrets behind Zillows data stack. 2 comments In an Oct. 14 statement, Samsung estimated that the recall of its Galaxy Note smartphone will cost the company as much as 3 billion over the next several quarters. So far, Samsung has received 96 reports of overheating and fire associated with device. Post a comment The infrastructure you build for big data, whether youre looking at software or hardware, will have a huge impact on the analysis and action your big data systems will support.

Here are 7 factors that can make a big difference when building your big data architecture. Post a comment Enterprise application giant SAP made an unplanned change to its own migration to its updated S/4HANA ERP and in-memory database platform. Heres how the acquisition of Concur changed SAPs approach. Content by MonthNovember2016 - 9October2016 - 65September2016 - 65August2016 - 161July2016 - 176June2016 - 196May2016 - 211April2016 - 206March2016 - 249February2016 - 211January2016 - 212December2015 - 187November2015 - 203October2015 - 238September2015 - 221August2015 - 222July2015 - 207June2015 - 228May2015 - 192April2015 - 230March2015 - 207February2015 - 179January2015 - 177December2014 - 227November2014 - 216October2014 - 320September2014 - 336August2014 - 251July2014 - 297June2014 - 329May2014 - 278April2014 - 320March2014 - 281February2014 - 275January2014 - 261December2013 - 267November2013 - 334October2013 - 328September2013 - 310August2013 - 286July2013 - 331June2013 - 292May2013 - 358April2013 - 349March2013 - 355February2013 - 328January2013 - 390December2012 - 274November2012 - 378October2012 - 477September2012 - 412August2012 - 397July2012 - 375June2012 - 400May2012 - 386April2012 - 356March2012 - 418February2012 - 427January2012 - 456December2011 - 314November2011 - 405October2011 - 489September2011 - 421August2011 - 474July2011 - 477June2011 - 456May2011 - 419April2011 - 380March2011 - 456February2011 - 439January2011 - 469December2010 - 471November2010 - 541October2010 - 593September2010 - 627August2010 - 597July2010 - 656June2010 - 639May2010 - 639April2010 - 567March2010 - 623February2010 - 516January2010 - 465December2009 - 508November2009 - 577October2009 - 767September2009 - 748August2009 - 733July2009 - 774June2009 - 837May2009 - 807April2009 - 813March2009 - 941February2009 - 835January2009 - 800December2008 - 660November2008 - 753October2008 - 891September2008 - 846August2008 - 789July2008 - 952June2008 - 887May2008 - 848April2008 - 902March2008 - 950February2008 - 938January2008 - 990December2007 - 565November2007 - 797October2007 - 924September2007 - 748August2007 - 843July2007 - 795June2007 - 739May2007 - 830April2007 - 807March2007 - 899February2007 - 795January2007 - 932December2006 - 692November2006 - 753October2006 - 651September2006 - 630August2006 - 718July2006 - 689June2006 - 800May2006 - 835April2006 - 728March2006 - 829February2006 - 638January2006 - 855December2005 - 695November2005 - 804October2005 - 771September2005 - 785August2005 - 731July2005 - 698June2005 - 740May2005 - 724April2005 - 727March2005 - 738February2005 - 612January2005 - 590December2004 - 543November2004 - 476October2004 - 473September2004 - 423August2004 - 435July2004 - 482June2004 - 480May2004 - 508April2004 - 561March2004 - 608February2004 - 469January2004 - 496December2003 - 362November2003 - 347October2003 - 400September2003 - 401August2003 - 340July2003 - 406June2003 - 375April2003 - 143March2003 - 934February2003 - 284January2003 - 382December2002 - 202November2002 - 255October2002 - 236September2002 - 230August2002 - 216July2002 - 216June2002 - 203May2002 - 175April2002 - 179March2002 - 354February2002 - 175January2002 - 198December2001 - 135November2001 - 174October2001 - 252September2001 - 241August2001 - 300July2001 - 305June2001 - 279May2001 - 221April2001 - 240March2001 - 176February2001 - 156January2001 - 211December2000 - 117November2000 - 187October2000 - 197September2000 - 178August2000 - 172July2000 - 137June2000 - 155May2000 - 143April2000 - 133March2000 - 113February2000 - 117January2000 - 132December1999 - 98November1999 - 118October1999 - 103September1999 - 97August1999 - 111July1999 - 125June1999 - 111May1999 - 104April1999 - 115March1999 - 134February1999 - 100January1999 - 98December1998 - 104November1998 - 121October1998 - 109September1998 - 15To learn more about what organizations are doing to tackle attacks and threats we surveyed a group of 300 IT and infosec professionals to find out what their biggest IT security challenges are and what theyre doing to defend against todays threats.

Download the report to see what theyre saying. IT pros at banks, investment houses, insurance companies, and other financial services organizations are focused on a range of issues, from peer-to-peer lending to cybersecurity to performance, agility, and compliance. It all matters. Join us for a roundup of the top stories on for the week of October 23, 2016. Well be talking with the editors and correspondents who brought you the top stories of the week to get the story behind the story.Technology GroupBlack HatContent Marketing InstituteContent Marketing WorldDark ReadingEnterprise ConnectFusionGDCGTECGamasutraHDIICMIInformationWeekInterop ITXNetwork ComputingNo JitterVRDCIf you found this interesting or useful, please use the links to the services below to share it with other readers.

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